How can any one tour have so much eye drama?

It has been a rough day for this band wife, and a rougher night for my husband. I had originally planned to give you a Sunday Serving that would be perfect for football season, but I think the ladies in my position would find this more helpful.

This morning I got up early to go to yoga and J told me he cut his eye. On a ceiling fan. Mind you, at this point, I was already near the studio and was driving. He said he couldn’t find the contact and his eye was bleeding.

Little known fact about me: I was always afraid when teachers walked around to pass out papers in high school. Eye things completely freak me out.

Now an eye thing happened to my husband, who is a world away, and there is nothing I can do about it. I quickly got off the phone as my vision started to tunnel, I grew hot and realized I was either going to get sick or pass out. I pulled over and walked in a circle, fittingly, in the parking lot of a medical facility.

I called my yoga therapist and frantically, breathlessly, told her what happened and that I was going to be a little late.

Despite my please, and frankly, demands, J said he was fine and was not going to go to the hospital. When it comes to his health, he is such a typical guy in a lot of ways - it’s fine, it will take care of itself. I am a typical girl - it’s yourfucking eye, youneedto go get it looked at.

It’s hard enough to keep your happy face on when your man is away, but when he’s hurt and you can’t see how bad the damage is or do anything to fix it? It’s terrifying. It leaves you feeling helpless. Especially in the moment.

Now, after a relaxing session with my YT and a few hours removed from the conversation, it occurs to me that if it were really that bad he would have gone or one of his band mates (I would hope) would have made him go.

I still wish he were home so that I could help him, but such is life and all of that. Have you ever had something like this happen? How did you handle the situation?

Thank you, Susan Miller. Apparently I will become even more of an old lady.

Thank you, Susan Miller. Apparently I will become even more of an old lady.